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The MCC wrapping machine’s modular design enables a quick change of the product dimension and folding type.

100th MCC wrapping machine sold

High flexibility convincing to customers

Six wrapping styles for a variety of products at maximum performance – this is what the continuous-motion high-performance MCC machine from Theegarten-Pactec stands for. The MCC wraps a wide variety of product dimensions, especially sensitive products such as chocolate-coated jelly products or soufflé (whipped egg white foam). A successful combination, as it turns out: the MCC and its six folding types was first presented at interpack 2008. Now, the 100th MCC machine has been sold. The machine’s flexibility promises high investment security, as the MCC can be efficiently converted to other types of folding and product dimensions.

The MCC wraps products in six different folding styles – Double Twist, Top Twist, Side Twist, Vienna Fruit Fold, Foil Wrap and Protected Twist. Theegarten-Pactec thus offer confectionery manufacturers a wrapping machine that combines continuous high performance and flexibility. This unique combination has won over customers from around the globe. The first MCC was sold in 2008 to Polish praline manufacturer Mieszko – and the 100th machine is currently being delivered to the Middle East.

Whether jelly products, all types of soft caramels or chocolate products with or without filling, and even featuring irregular geometries – the MCC is a jack of all trades. It boasts a nominal wrapping output of up to 1,200 products per minute for Double Twist and Foil Wrapping. Up to 800 products per minute are possible with Side Twist, Top Twist and Viennese Fruit Fold. The MCC also features automatic ejection of spliced products and products which are not true to the print image.

The MCC’s modular design enables a quick change of the product dimension and folding type. A change in dimension can be completed in three to four hours. Only a single shift is needed to change the wrapping type.

Efficient and gentle on the product

The MCC offers optimized product closure with its additional Protected Twist folding type (sealed double twist wrap). A separating plate prevents the sealing masks of the wrapping material from sticking together prematurely and consequently slipping. This results in a nearly wrinkle-free longitudinal seam, even in the event of large product tolerances. This represents a significant advantage for products without folding edges as well as for coated goods.

The servo-motor driven wrapping material feed with continuous cutting length adjustment as well as servo-motor driven wrapping material knife guarantee optimum wrapping material consumption via the laser-controlled functionality “No product – no wrapping material.” Furthermore, this achieves high print image accuracy and cutting length consistency.

Depending on the product to be wrapped, the gentle product feed takes place via a multi-stage accumulation conveyor or a lug chain.

“The high number of MCCs sold confirms that we’ve correctly recognized the market’s needs with the combination of high performance and flexibility. We’re known for producing solid machines in terms of quality and longevity and for continuously optimizing them,” explains managing director Markus Rustler. “The flexibility of the MCC is an attractive investment for customers since the machine can be inexpensively enhanced and reconfigured in the event of a change in product range or seasonal production.”